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Goodcrete Concrete Sealer Instruction
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Use Goodcrete CS processing compared to the floor and other traditional floors have to differ?

At present commonly used industrial ground there are many to choose from, because of the different industries have different requirements for production conditions, so there is no absolute good building materials, the ground of the commonly used materials are:
A, epoxy floor paint
Epoxy floor paint technology refers to the already good cement solidification ping overlaying coating epoxy resin coating, the cladding coating thickness in 1-5 mm left, right, form a closed organic covering layer. Because epoxy resin is organic matter, so this coating has good water resistance, oil resistance, acid-proof alkaline, chemical properties, such as salt fog corrosion resistance and smooth seamless, Yi Qing clean, easy maintenance, is widely used in modern industry long-term floor material, widely used in medicine, food (sterile production) and electron, chemical industry (esd) and other industries. However, organic coating has several fatal weak points:
1, hardness and wear resistance, on the physical properties of organic materials can not match with inorganic material, the hardest resin mohs hardness for 2-3. Production workshop, parking garage, manufacturing, and other places as a result of the movement of heavy load is bigger and frequently use such as cars, forklifts, mobile trolley, etc., so the epoxy resin ground also often badly scratched, caused the shells, falls off phenomenon.
2, the service life: organic material is a polymer, this means that the radiation, under normal conditions, such as light, temperature, polymer chain fracture happens, this is what people often say that aging! The best epoxy resin material service life can reach 5-8 years, general industrial epoxy floor use fixed number of year is about 3 years.
Second, wear resistant floors
Hard floor technology is to point to: with cement or concrete mixed with silicon carbide or other aggregate casting process, the whole frozen. Hardened layer thickness at about 3 to 10 mm. Because emery aggregates such as high hardness, rigid floor mohs hardness for 6-7, common the basic nothing can scratch the surface of a material, so hard floor hard, wear-resisting, smooth and seamless, besides can be used as a factory floor, can also be used for warehouse, garage, square and other auxiliary facilities on the ground. However, using this technique to generate ground is using cement as adhesive bonding emery, therefore also has the characteristics of cement products - surface will form a large number of legacy after the evaporation of stoma, the microporous two negative effects on the effect of the ground:

1, the diffuse reflection of light, make the glossiness is greatly reduced, if not wax curing, there is no good visual effect.
2, to absorb water and dust, is not conducive to create clean production environment, is not suitable for application in pharmaceutical industry, etc.
3, as time goes on, cement products surface weathering, the phenomena of phenomenon of dust, sand, general life in the 5-8 years, short of 2 to 3 years.
Third, terrazzo floor
Water type artificial stone, stone is a kind of cement with low price, good overall performance, shape, color and controllable, so widely used in public buildings, production workshop and other ground material. However, due to wear and stain infiltrates the original cause, its surface weathering, stripping, pollution, and soon lose shall have the characteristics of construction process. Curing terrazzo floor is the main means of the daily cleaning and polishing wax, operation complexity, high cost, and thereby cause terrazzo surface roughness and the old, makes the terrazzo can only be used as a low-end products, to create a clean working environment is clearly a hazard.
Four, sealed concrete curing agent hard floor
Sealed concrete curing agent is a kind of environmentally friendly chemical building materials, it can make up the defects of cement products floor. Applied to the concrete floor, cement floor, terrazzo floor, make the surface to form a protective layer of 7-8 mm, service life in more than 30 years.
Sealed concrete curing agent of hard floor has the following features:
1, high brightness, luster units can reach 70 degrees, more than epoxy resin, the equivalent of marble.
2, high hardness, mohs hardness is 8 to 9 (diamond mohs hardness of 10).
3, penetration resistance, resistance to water, weak acid and alkali resistant, oil and flat, seamless, easy to clean, easy to maintenance.
4, long service life, use fixed number of year for 30 years, 20 years of quality assurance. This guarantee is out of reach for other floors.
5, wide range: the renovation of the old ground, this is epoxy floor paint with wear-resisting flooring incomparable.


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