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Goodcrete Concrete Sealer Instruction
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new, old terrazzo floor use Goodcrete CS process?

Traditional terrazzo, with its low cost, can be arbitrary toning spelling a flower, construction is convenient wait for a unique advantage, however, the traditional construction technology of the terrazzo floor use 3-5 years later become very rough, weathering, erosion, stained, is bleak. New do the ground if the protection is bad is not delivered in dirty, more brings to the daily cleaning of health severely hampered.
How to restore has been weathering, erosion of terrazzo their original bright beauty, domestic at present commonly used method is the dirt on the surface of the stone after cleaning, playing on a layer of wax. This way for the new terrazzo can slow the natural weathering, erosion surface play a protective role, but to have terrazzo surface weathering, erosion, its effect is a layer of varnish on the decayed wood surface of the brush, simply cannot reproduce the effect of bright as a mirror. And this form of wax film long-life sex is very poor, normally only stay a week or so and cleaning waxing again. Cleaning waxing is currently cleaning companies and deal with the customer of expediency, neither symptoms, more do not talk about this.
Cleaning waxing is not the stone material ground processing on real significance, the reason is that there is no real solution and the key technologies of terrazzo processing. Terrazzo is bright as a mirror, glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, mainly because of terrazzo surface after the mechanical plus workers formed a vitreous layer of thin film, the film not only has bright luster, and can clear show the inner structure level of stone namely people observed patterns, bright beauty right here. To weathering, erosion of terrazzo restore its beautiful aesthetic feeling, the key is to form in terrazzo surface to vitreous membrane.
Treated with Goodcrete CS millstone technology principle of ground water are: the terrazzo surface weathering, erosion aging layer plane to reveal fresh, then construction Goodcrete CS form new vitreous membrane, to restore natural beautiful adornment effect. After processing of terrazzo surface mohs hardness from 4.0 to 8.0-9.0, more wear-resisting. And after and no longer need to wax, smooth light can maintain more than 20 years.
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