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Goodcrete Concrete Sealer Instruction
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many rough concrete ground use Goodcrete CS process?

A: many concrete surface parking lots, roads, in particular, mainly through the scrub brush or roller forming ribbed surface. Many industrial floor is complete the density of polishing operation with electric polishing machine, no matter use which kinds of means polishing, Cretesealer CS can play a good role.
If the parking lot of rough concrete ground do seal hardening treatment, had better use Cretesealer CS at a relatively low coverage, typically 18 square meters per gallon coverage in the rough ground shall be reduced to 15 square meters per gallon. If have a larger surface area and loose, rough surface will be more than the density of concrete polishing have larger pores. So you need to use more Cretesealer CS to seal the hardening.
However, no matter Cretesealer CS is used to smooth or rough concrete, it is the same chemical properties. When Cretesealer CS infiltration in the concrete and the penetration of chemical reactions occur, gel is formed in the concrete internal stoma, thus increasing the compactness of concrete. Rough floor need more raw materials, with enough raw material will have effect.
Cretesealer CS by millions of square meters in the parking lot in the performance of the play. As well as in industrial floor, Cretesealer CS floor also has, of coarse, dustproof, wear-resisting effect. The only difference is that the coarse polishing will not the same as the industrial floor in Cretesealer CS will be equally strong light.


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