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Goodcrete Concrete Sealer Instruction
Jul 19
How does Goodcrete concrete sealer work?
Jul 16
Goodcrete Concrete Sealer Instruction
Jul 16
Analysis of Common Concrete Cracking Problems by Goodcrete
Jul 16
Deep Penetrating Sealer (DPS)
Concrete Saler (CS)
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Why want to use Goodcrete CS sealed concrete curing agent processing?

A: wear-resisting flooring made the original concrete surface hardness is improved, while reducing the dust, but its essence or high grade color product of cement mixed with different levels of quartz sand, its essence or cement products, it certainly has a cement products have the characteristics of: free of Ca + + Mg ion on precipitation from the wool stoma to cause dust; Because of excess water evaporation after the completion of hydration, resulting in a lot of wool stoma, which caused no density, so its strength, wear-resisting degree reach maximum in curing period of 28 days. And the numerical value with the increasingly heavy use of forklifts, forklift truck steel wheel, the vehicle rolling down this value is on the decline, so often in use after six months of the floor, even with wax maintenance, also hard to avoid scratches and wear, therefore, day after day wear floor paint defects. Goodcrete the use of CS, make the wool stoma close-grained, dust precipitation, the dust permanently sealed below, because of the dense, make the wool stoma close-grained, allow it to increase abrasion resistance and surface hardness of 2-3 times, enough to resist any friction and hardening, wear-resisting and clean.
Due to atmospheric composition and the chemical composition of ultraviolet radiation, water erosion, bare concrete is usually 3 to 6 months after the start of weathering, dust, and then a sand, powder, flake off. In the microbial environment, capillary hole would soon grow bacteria, and corrosion of reinforcing steel bar, soft lead to concrete necrosis. Due to the effect of dense of the Goodcrete CS by chemical reactions, most of the chemicals into concrete interior, microorganism unable to survive. The ASTMG23 weathering resistance experiments showed that 10 years of natural light, water spray, uv contain any bad influence to its, it prevents the weathering of concrete, so prolong the service life of concrete.


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