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Goodcrete CS treated floor has a shiny surface that will not cause skidding.

A: under normal circumstances, frequent use will wear and damage of concrete ground transportation. Goodcrete CS after processing of the concrete ground will not wear because of frequent use. The hardening effect either rough anointed the surface with a broom, or calender plaster to be able to keep the concrete surface of the original coarse, uplift and depression status remains the same. So over time, with the surface of the Goodcrete CS there will be a very good gloss. Luster is not to say that the effect of the ground is very slippery. Before using Goodcrete CS processing, the same surface appearance after using Goodcrete CS (except surface seal) would be hardening, dustproof, and lasting shine.
Many experts (especially the engineers) is concerned with the coefficient of friction. From ASTM testing results indicate that when the surface of the test must be on the 50 pounds of new stone at the bottom of the device. Then pulled detector device until it is moving. Dynamometer in sterling load device requirement when moving from the test surface. With these data summed up the formula can be concluded that the coefficient of friction. The smaller the coefficient of friction, the ground is slippery.
ASTM test report test according to standard the surface dry friction coefficient value is 71, wetland table for 47. Using the Goodcrete CS concrete under the condition of dry and wet two kinds of 86 and 69 respectively. Obviously there is no test standard in the earth's surface to smooth. From then on, it can be seen after using Goodcrete CS will not become slippery ground.


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