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Brief Introduction:
Goodcrete Deep Penetrating Sealer(other names: liquid crystalline concrete waterproofing, concrete penetrating
concrete waterproofing sealer, DPS) is a water-based, inorganic, surface applied, crystalline concrete
waterproofing that especially for the waterproofing/anti-seepage/anti-corrosion etc of concrete structure. After one
time application, Deep Penetrating Sealer gives the concrete structures all-sided and permanent improvement
and protections, such as sealing, waterproofing, moisture proofing, anti-seepage, anti-efflorescence, anti-corro
sion, anti-aging etc, so, DPS is not only a kind of concrete waterproofing, but also a versatile concrete protector.

History of Deep Penetrating Sealer:

Deep Penetrating Sealer was used in the America as early as 1920s, mainly used for the waterproofing and
moisture  proofing of underground bunkers during the Second World War,  and now, it is already
widely used in 
so many countries for so many projects.

Absolutely environment friendly, colorless, odorless, non-toxic, non-flammable, free of VOC, and it is easy, fast

and safe to use.

Functions and Ben

01. Easy, fast and safe to apply.

02. Permanent waterproofing, moisture-proofing, anti-seepage.

03. Excellent resistance to acid, alkali, salt and hydrostatic pressure.

04. Reduces dusting, efflorescence, cracking.

05. Self seals up to 0.3mm cracks repeatedly.

06. Reduces the damage of freeze/thaw cycle.

07. Discouraging the growth of moss and mold.

08. Anti-chloride to protect the steel re-bars from corrosion.

09. Can be painted, can prolong the service life of the paint/coating and concrete structure.

10. Becomes an integral part of concrete.

11. Can be applied on both dry / damp surface, new / old concrete.

12. Can be applied on either positive or negative side of the concrete slab.

13. Doesn’t need leveling layer and protective layer.

14. Doesn’t form film and change the concrete’s color and structure.


Working Principle:

Deep Penetrating Sealer is a silicate-based, water-soluble penetrating concrete waterproofing, after application, which will not peel off or be scratched or worn . Unlike other sealants, which either repel water (e.g. silanes, silicones, stearates) or function as a physical barrier coating (e.g. epoxies, polyesters, vinyls), Deep Penetrating Sealer deeply penetrates into the concrete or cement mortar surface and reacts with CaOH to form C-S-H gel according to the following reaction: 

As a result, the properties of concrete structure are enhanced, such as decreased permeability, increased density, hardness and so on, overall increased the durability.

The inner alkali content of the concrete is about 360 times more than the surface’s, through the pores, Deep Penetrating Sealer penetrates into the concrete structures, chemically reacts with the free alkalis presented in the concrete and forms silicate gel, which seals the micro cracks and capillary pores becomes the integral part of the concrete, strengthens the concrete structure, and blocks the harmful substances ingress; when water losses, it partly solidifies into crystalline powder, let the concrete breathe freely, when meets with moisture or water, this reaction repeats again, till all the capillaries almost be blocked, thus, gives the concrete permanent waterproofing and comprehensive protection, such as sealing, waterproofing, moisture proofing, anti-seepageanti-corrosion, anti-chloride, anti-aging etc.

ace Treatment Before Using DPS:
1. Fresh concrete should be properly cured for a minimum of 7 days before Deep Penetrating Sealer  is applied.

2. Thoroughly clean and remove dust, oil, contamination, coating, sealant or film to ensure the Deep Penetrating Sealer can efficiently penetrate into the surface.

Method of Using: 
1. Shake well before using.
2. Apply with low-pressure sprayer, brush or roller to spray/brush/roll directly on the clean concrete surface, application
    temperature at 5-35℃, and relative  humidity 10-90% is the best.
3. When the surface becomes semi-dry, or after 24h of the first time spraying, spray again.

About 3-5m2/kg(150-200square feet/gallon), according to the differences of temperature and porosity of the concrete, the coverage  is different.

Applicable Places:
Almost can be used for all floors/walls of concrete constructions, whatever below and above ground, indoors and outdoors, new or old, such as, high ways, bridges, tunnels, dams, various water pools, towers, reservoirs, grain depot, air-raid shelters, highway parapet wall, subway, dam, basements, green roof, floor’s waterproof layer, sweating walls, etc.

A. Not suitable for lightweight blocks, porous masonry or similar products.
B. Surfaces previously treated with curing or sealing agents, unless these coatings have completely worn off or have been
     removed by chemical or mechanical means.

C. For it is water-based liquid, so itself can't used as leaking stop/block products to stop water leaking through the crack 
      >0.3mm, joints, or openings.

Clean Up:  By soap and water.

Packing:  20kg/pail, 220kg/barrel (= 5gallon/pail, 55gallon/barrel)

Storage Life: Unlimited shelf life in the original and sealed condition.

OEM Service:  We can provide OEM service.


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