Brief Introduction:
Goodcrete Concrete Sealer(CS) is a ideal concrete sealing/curing/hardening chemical solution, it subdivides into Lithium-  Based CS, and Sodium-Based CS.

Environment friendly, colorless, odorless, non-toxic, non-flammable, release no VOC, easy to use.


A. Lasting sealing, hardening, anti-permeating, waterproofing, dirt-proofing; 

B. Anti-corrosion of acid, alkali and salt; 

C. Improving concrete floors compressive strength, friction coefficient, wear-resisting;

D. Anti-skidding, anti-tyre-marks;

E.  Reducing cracks and stains.

F.  Prolong the service life of finishing coating and the floor.

G.  After polishing, an immediate marble like gloss will appear and it will last forever.

H. The treated floor is easy to clean and maintain, and the color of the treated floor is not changed.

I.  Easy to use, efficiently reduces the labor cost and maintainance cost.

1. Environment friendly;
2. Easy to use,  efficiently reduce the labor cost;
3. Permanent function of sealing, hardening and anti-permeability etc after one-time application;
4. Giving the concrete structure all-sided protection so that largely decrease  the repair and maintenance cost.


Working Principle: 
Through the pores, CS penetrates into the concrete floors, reacts with the free calcium(Ca+), free potassium(K+)etc, then continuously generate s calcium silicate hydrate, which finally solidifies and becomes an integral part of the concrete structure. In short, through filling in the pores and increasing the density of the floors it can play a role of hardening/sealing/dust-proofing/Water proofing/anti-permeability/anti-corrosion.

Surface Treatment Before Using CS:
A. Freshly Finished Concrete Floor: No treatment need.
B. Old Concrete Floor: To grind the surface even, repair the cracks, then sweep or scrab the surface clean to ensure th e CS can efficiently penetrate the surface.

Method of Using: 
1. Shake well before using.
2. Apply with low-pressure sprayer, brush or roller to spray/brush/roll directly on  the clean concrete surface, application temperature at 5-35℃, and relative humidity 10-90% is the best.
3. The areas that becomes dry too quickly, need to proceeds the second  spraying in time.

Approximately 150-200square feet/gallon, or 3-5m2/kg, according to different quality and tightness of the concrete floor..

Applicable Places:
Concrete floor, cement-mortar floor, color aggregate floor, emery floor, terrazzo floor, and self-leveling floor, whatever below and above ground, indoors and outdoors, new or old.

A. Not suitable for lightweight blocks, porous masonry etc similar products.
B. Floors previously treated with curing or sealing agents, unless these coatings have completely worn off or have been removed by chemical or mechanical means.

Clean Up: 
By soap and water.

5gallon/pail, 55gallon/barrel, or 20kg/pail, 220kg/barrel.

Storage Life:
Unlimited shelf life in the original and sealed condition.


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