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GOOCRETE Top Seal (TS) is a clear, non-glossy, water based water repellent, that has the ability to preserve and enhance the lifetime of natural stones such as sandstones, or marble and even paving, brick, wood and concrete. GOOCRETE Top Seal protects them against the elements that they are subjected to on a daily basis. Rain, salts, oils and chemicals all wear down the integrity of these surfaces over years, leading to unsightly stains from mold, algae and gradual decay. Top Seal is a non-toxic, one coat application that completely seals and waterproofs a variety of surfaces. GOOCRETE Top Seal should not alter the color, texture, or any other physical charac- teristic of the surface to which it is applied, leaving a clear natural finish that will completely repel water, seal and waterproof the surface.

Sealing of concrete and cementitious surfaces, as a decorative architectural finish.
Sealing of brick and block work, natural stone such as granite, marble and sandstone or even wood.
Be used as sealer in residential applications such as bathrooms, patios, decks, driveways, pathways
and walls.

Water based, non-toxic, green product.
Ready to use and easy to apply.
Only one coat required.
Does not alter the natural color, texture or any other physical characteristic of the surface.
UV resistant
Prevents the growth of fungus, moss, algae, etc.
Reduced efflorescence and darkening of stones.
Reduces freeze-thaw damage.
Prevents rising dampness/pealing of paint when applied to red bricks.

Recommended Uses:
All concrete or cementitious structures.
Decorative architectural finishes.
Brick and blockwork.
Natural stone such as granite, marble and sandstone.
Highway structures.
Building facades including mosaic and tile surfaces.
Non-glazed tiled surfaces, such as floors, bathrooms and kitchens.

Method of Application:
1. Make sure the surfaces are clean and free from oil and grease.
2. If necessary clean the concrete surface with deep cleaner.
3. The surface should be dry before the Top Seal is applied.
4. Shake the container of Top Seal well before using it.
5. The Top Seal must NOT be diluted or mixed with any other liquid.
6. Spray the Top Seal from the bottom upwards on vertical surfaces and work into the surface with
    a soft brush, mop or cloth.
7. If the Top Seal is being absorbed rapidly into a permeable surface, apply more material before
    moving on to the next area to be treated.
8. Top Seal is a one coat operation. Do not apply additional material after the surface has dried.
9. Protect glass surfaces and aluminum from over spray as slight etching of such surfaces might occur.
10. Excess Top Seal will result in white dry powder on the surface and can be removed with a dry cloth.

Coverage 15-35m2 (approx.150-350 sq.ft.) per gallon (one coat). The coverage depends on the
porosity of the surface treated and the surface absorption.

5 US Gallon/Pail, 55 US Gallon/Barrel



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