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Brief Introduction:
Goodcrete Reparie Mortar Overlay(RMO) is a proprietary admixture designed to be used as a modifier for Portland
cement. It gives Portland cement unusual and unique properties not obtainable from other admixtures or modifiers.
Goodcrete RMO contains proprietary copolymer components, which induce cross linking in the presence of Portland
cement, producing a chemical as well as mechanical bond both adhesively and cohesively.


1. Superior adhesive strength.
2. Flexibility without fatigue.
3. Superior freeze-thaw capabilities.
4. Waterproofs and seals.
5. Excellent primer/bond coat for secondary coatings & systems.
6. Weather, abrasion and UV resistant.
7. Easy to apply, clean with water.
8. Non-toxic, environmentally friendly.
9. Non-reemulsifiable waterborne copolymer.
10. Creates virtually any type of surface texture.



Construction Guidline:

All concrete, wood, asphalt, masonry, metal and other surfaces must be structurally sound, clean and free of coatings,
curing compounds, dirt, oils, grease, laitance, efflorescence, mildew, fungus, or any contaminant that prevents good
adhesion. Remove coatings & contaminants using approved methods such as shot blasting, sand blasting or high
pressure water blasting.


Concrete Surfaces:
Allow new concrete to cure a minimum of 72 hours prior to application.


Wood Surfaces:
Surfaces must be secured with screws to the structure, and all holes, seams and cracks shall be filled and then
reinforced using anti-alkaline reinforcing fabric.


Hairline Cracks:
Minor cracks or spalls do not require pre-filling. GOODCRETE RMO made into a flowable "Squeegee" mix will penetrate
the cracks and substrate surface creating better adhesion than drier patching mixes. Another method is to pour the
Squeegee mix directly into the cracks, voids, and spalled areas and allow to self level.


Larger Cracks:
Depending on the extent of cracking, an anti-alkaline ,reinforcing fabric should be embedded into the Squeegee mix.
Refer to Squeegee Mix Application Guidelines.


Asphalt Surfaces and Cracks:
Surfaces and cracks must be completely dry prior to application. GOODCRETE RMO makes an excep tional repair mortar
for asphalt cracks.
Note: Do not use immediately over Hot mix asphalt applications.


Questionable Surfaces:
Chalky, dusting, and pigmented surfaces should be pre-treated with GOODCRETE DPS and RMO and allowed to cure for
24 hrs. Prime areas with (1) part GOODCRETE RMO to (1-2) parts of clean water immediately prior to application of
squeegee mixes, overlays & Patches.

Expansion Joints:
Existing expansion joints should always be maintained. Previously filled joints should be masked off prior to application.
Unfilled expansion joints should be treated using two (2) brush applications of RMO Squeegee Mix to the joint surface
to provide a continuous waterproof surface. When dry, expansion joints can be filled with an approved joint compound.

Mixing Equipment:
â—† Drill and mixing paddle
â—† Mortar mixers or Transit mixers
â—† Cement trucks


Application Equipment:
â—† Squeegee
â—† Straight edge
â—† Fresno trowel
â—† Drag box 
â—† Asphalt emulsion sprayer


Cure Time:
GOODCRETE RMO cement mixtures may be opened up to normal traffic after the first 12-24 hoursand can normally
be coated 24 to 48 hours after application. For interior applications or those not in direct sunlight, allow 72 hours
prior to overcoating.


Coverage Rates:
Coverage rates vary according to design mix, porosity and profile of surface. For example: Five gallons of GOODCRETE
RMO, mixed per standard Squeegee Mix instructions, will yield 46 gallons of mix. Using # 60 mesh sand and applying the
mixture with a "squeegee" will yield approximately 2,000 square feet per coat. Finer grades of sand can increase the yield.


Do not apply GOODCRETE RMO when surface and ambient temperatures are expected to fall below 50°F within 12 hrs.
Do not apply when precipitation is expected within 24 hours following completion of application.


Packing: 5 US Gallon/Pail, 55 US Gallon/Pail, or 20KG/Pail, 220KG /Pail.

Storage Life: 1 year unopened.



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