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The factors that influence the using effects of Concrete Sealers

When you want to seal/harden your concrete floor, there are many different options, but which option is best for
you is entirely dependent on the concrete situation.

The most commom floor sealer is sodium silicate-based concrete sealer and lithium silicate-based concrete sealer,
which are also the one sthat most easily to apply
and most safe for human and enviroment.  Silicate concrete
sealers penetrate into the concrete and chemically react to form a crystalline barrier within the pores. Silicate Concrete
Sealers are great at reducing water and active water seepage but the problem with them are that the amount of
moisture they are capable or reducing can’t be predicted or controlled. Silicate concrete sealers work very well, and
are very effective, but the using effects will depend on several factors, including:

How you apply the silicate sealer (roller vs sprayer)

How much silicate sealer you apply

How porous the concrete is

How much free lime and calcium is available in the concrete

It is important to know that silicate concrete sealers can reduce active water seepage and moisture coming in
through the pores. If you have water coming up through a crack, you need a concrete repair product. Silicate
concrete sealers are breathable and are not designed to strongly repel water and stop 100% moisture, generally, a
typical reduction will fall between 5-40% with each coat, so you may need 1 coat, or you may need 5 coat.


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